General Building Blocks

The general block diagram of the Object-Oriented Content Transmission Metamodel has already been introduced and is illustrated in figure 5.1. In this section we will zoom into the different components and explain their structure and relation with the required processes. As a first general introduction to the different blocks in figure 5.6 we present the same block diagram but now adding contextual information for each of the components. Note also that the diagram now also reflects the possibility that the Decoder and the Synthesizer communicate either through Data or through Controls.

Figure 5.6: Explaining the OOCTM Block Diagram

It is interesting to point out that although all the components have relations and dependencies, an instance of the OOCTM does not need to implement or use all of them. In some cases, for instance, some blocks may be substituted by human intervention. We will give some examples of such schemes in sections 5.3.3 and 5.3.4 and some specific applications in section 5.4.