Latest changes

Release 0.6 is the latest major release at the time of this writing. The major goal in this release has been to come up with a fully functional Network Editor promoting the use of automatic flow control policies and dynamic networks. Many efforts have been put into enhancing CLAM's easiness of deployment by finally building binaries of the library.

Another important issue is the simplification of public interfaces of the main CLAM base classes. It has become clear that many of them were overdesigned and more features than needed were present. The goal is now to offer as simple interfaces as possible in order to make life easier to CLAM users in a white-box manner.

In this release we abandoned support to Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 and all its non-standard features and turned to the much better compiler in Microsoft Visual .Net for the Microsoft Windows platform. We also added better support for the QT GUI framework, which will become the preferred framework from now on instead of the FLTK toolkit.

Up until this release, CLAM only accepted 16 bit wav, AIFF and raw sound files. With the inclusion of some external libraries, now we are able to accept virtually any PCM format, Vorbis OGG and MP3. See A.2 for a brief explanation on the external libraries that are used.

Finally, a major rework and testing was done on the Descriptors infrastructure and repository.

Release 0.6 is at the time of this writing still unfinished. Therefore many of the advances accomplished are very much related with the ``CLAM Roadmap towards version 1.0'' that will be commented in the next section.