Patterns of Graphical MOC's

There have been several attempts to write patterns about graphical Models of Computation [Buschman et al., 1996,Shaw, 1996,Meunier, 1995,Edwards, 1995] including some specialized for particular domains [Posnak et al., 1996].

But probably the most complete catalogue is that of Dragos-Anton Manulescu who gives a quite complete overview of software patterns applied to the data flow model [Manolescu, 1997]. In this article the author formally defines the following patterns: Data flow architecture, Payloads, Module data protocol, and Out-of-band/in-band partitions. It must be noted that these patterns are not the result of any theoretical approach to dataflow architectures but rather the result of an exhaustive analysis of existing solutions. Therefore they represent a practical translation of the model requirements into the software domain.

In the next sections we will now briefly summarize each of these patterns.