WaveWarp[Jafry, 2000,www-SoundsLogical, ] is a modular real-time PC-based audio processing software tool intended for use by audio effects developers, signal processing engineers, musicians, and educators. It is a commercial application available only for the Windows operating system.

Because of its targeted uses, in WaveWarp flexibility is essential. Because of this, it includes an interface to Matlab. Through the Matlab interface users can create their own components. It also allows to create DirectX plugins

WaveWarp has a modular architecture that includes precompiled DSP components which can be connected in any desired fashion (series, parallel, feedforward, and feedback). All components are processed sample-by-sample. The audio engine is multi-rate, enabling on-the-fly integer-factor sample-rate conversion between components. The software architecture is multi-channel enabling ``surround sounds''. It runs real-time on a standard Pentium PC over Windows.

WaveWarp includes more than 250 components divided into the following categories: Audio Files, I/O devices, Basic Connections (summer, multiplier, arithmetic operators...), Delays, Digital Filters, Displays and scopes, Distortions, Dynamic range controllers, Flangers and chorus, MATLAB, Mixers, Multirate, Noise reduction, Panners, Phasers, Pitch shifters, Reverbs, Signal generators, and Spectral transformers.

WaveWarp also includes many sample patches implementing things like: reverberation based on a random FIR filter, MATLAB-in-the-loop signal processing effects, controllable audio playback and granular synthesis, educational demonstration of aliasing, or four octave band equalizer.