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On the “Usefulness” of the Netflix Prize

7 minute read

It has been over 10 years since the Netflix Prize finished, and I was not expecting to write a blog post about it at this point. However, just in the past co...

The AI/ML FDA Plan

9 minute read

In case you are not familiar with it, the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) is a federal agency of the Department of Health and Human Services. that is res...

On Decoupling

7 minute read

You have probably heard of the butterfly effect: a distant butterfly flapping its wings can have a hard-to-predict effect on a future event. Everything seems...

Scaling healthcare through AI

10 minute read

Curai’s mission is to “provide the world’s best healthcare to everyone”. In order to do so, we strive to scale the reach of an individual physician by creati...

The 7+1 Habits of Highly Successful Leaders

12 minute read

I recently had a candidate I was interviewing to ask about my leadership style. I gave a short answer, but I was left thinking that I would have liked to con...

The year in AI: 2019 ML/AI advances recap

14 minute read

It has become somewhat of a tradition for me to do an end-of-year retrospective of advances in AI/ML (see last year’s round up for example), so here we go ag...

The year in AI/ML advances: 2018 roundup

8 minute read

It has become a sort of tradition for me to try to summarize ML advances at this time of the year (see here for my Quora answer last year, for example). As a...

The Memo Culture

12 minute read

Some days back I was having a conversation about the importance of memos and documents in an agile/fast-moving startup company. The person I was talking with...


1 minute read

I haven’t updated this channel in a while. I hope that by now you have already found out elsewhere that about a year ago I co-founded a company in the AI/Hea...

Where am I?

1 minute read

There have recently been some articles (e.g. This list of influencers) that have pointed to this blog and lamented that I don’t update it regularly anymore. ...

2015: My Year in Running

6 minute read

2015 has been a great year for me in many ways, but running has been particularly good. This year I ran 2000 miles (3200 km), compared to the 1850 last year....

Blog posts and Summer gigs

1 minute read

I have recently heard complaints that this blog is rather quiet lately. I agree. I have definitely been focused on publishing through other sources and have ...

Tools for Data Processing @ Webscale

3 minute read

A couple of days ago, I attended the Analytics @Webscale workshop at Facebook. I found this workshop to be very interesting from a technical perspective. Thi...

Recsys 2012: A long (and likely biased) summary

11 minute read

After a great week in beautiful and sunny Dublin (yes, sunny), it is time to look back and recap on the most interesting things that happened in the 2012 Rec...

Netflix @ Recsys 2012

2 minute read

We are just a few days away from the 2012 ACM Recommender Systems Conference (#Recsys2012), that this year will take place in Dublin, Ireland. Over the years...

More data or better models?

6 minute read

The discussion of whether it is better to focus on building better algorithms or getting more data is by no means new. But, it is really catching on lately. ...

Beyond the 5 Stars Round up

2 minute read

Last week, I published a post on the Netflix tech blog. The post, entitled “Netflix Recommendations: Beyond the 5 stars” describes how recommendations have e...

Recsys 2011 – Notes and Pointers

5 minute read

I found Recsys this year of very high quality in general. There were many good papers and presentations. The Industry track was also very high-quality, with...

Joining Netflix

less than 1 minute read

Three weeks ago, I started to work for Netflix. Everything has moved so fast with so many things to do and learn that it seems like I have already been here ...

The Science and the Magic of User Feedback

less than 1 minute read

That was the main title of a series of talks I gave in different labs and companies during my recent California tour. In this presentation, I talked about ma...

Managing Research the Agile Way

6 minute read

I have discussed previously on this blog about how well the Scientific Method adapts to Agile approaches. These ideas also took me to an unfinished effort to...

Did you prepare your talk?

12 minute read

I don’t consider myself to be a great presenter. As a matter of fact, every time I finish a presentation, I find myself thinking about how many things I scre...

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